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Jr Boys Basketball 2018

Junior Boys Basketball


Once again, thank you to all who have tried out and poured your hearts and souls out on the court.  The love for basketball in this school is amazing, but it has made this process difficult as well as there are so many good players here.


Congrats to the following who have made the Junior Boys Basketball team:


Nigel 68

Sebastien Plummer 

Junior Jebbison

Ajitesh Sharma


Vinayayam 75

RJ Jajan 74

Chidera OJ 70

Haaziq Soomro 77

Adam Badreddine 78

Batin Abbasi 72

Hashim 74

Ali 74


Taxi Squad

Mustafa 67

Zubhair Mohamed 73


Thank you to all who put in the effort and hours in the tryout process.


Mr. Delfin