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Bulls Workouts- Offseason

Day 1 

Day 4
Slow to Fast Drill #2 Do 4 sets of 12 swings

Day 5
Do a couple loads in a row with picking your foot straight up and then back down, then stride forward. Do it 15-20 times, the same movements he was doing in the video from 1:35-1:45. Check to see what you’re looking like in the mirror when you’re loading and striding forward.

Day 6
25 reps of a slow load, stride and into a good launch position, all in front of a mirror.

Day 7 
Stride 20x
Video 1 from each and compare to the athletes in the video

Naylor Training Dates

Day 10
Get on Plane x25
Full Turn x25

Day 11
Controlled Fall #2 x20

Day 12
10 free swings tee (Video 1 and compare to the very first day)
10 x favourite drill
10 x drill you think you need to work on.

Day 13
Full Turns Drill x20
Paint Stick Drill x20
Don't squish the bug drill x20
Medicine Ball x20

Day 14
Spend 10 minutes in front of mirror loading and getting into your good launch position.

Day 15
Mirror Load to launch position. 
10-15 reps. *Coaching Point: Do not cheat yourself here by getting in a rush.  Make sure the load and stride are slow and in rhythm, all while looking at the pitcher
Full Turn x15
Get on Plane x15
Don't Squish the Bug drill x15

Day 16
High Tee Drill x15
Seesaw to Happy Gilmore Drill x15
Track and Catch Drill x15
Angle Toss Drill x15

Day 17
Do your fave launch position drill (Crossover, Controlled, K Posture, Knob to Knee, Stride) x20

Day 18
Load to launch position. 
10-15 reps. Don’t rush it, make sure the load and stride are slow and look at the pitcher, and even bust out the mirror for feedback!
Get on Plane
Paint Stick


Day 19- Contact Point- Find your favourite hitter at contact point and save image to your main screen of your phone.
At contact position we should see that the wrists are straight with the top hand palm up and the bottom hand palm down/out. 

The back shoulder should be lower than the front shoulder and the amount of tilt in the shoulders will be determined by the pitch trajectory/height. We should not see the shoulders level unless the pitch is at the shoulders.

The hitters elbows should be slightly bent at contact, not extended yet.

The front elbow (top elbow) should be above the hands and the hands should be above the barrel. The bat will release under the hands.

The hitters head & eyes should be looking in the zone/barrel and not pulling off and away.

The hitters weight should be balanced but at the same time the weight should be transferred into the front side (not over it). You can see a balanced position on camera by seeing if the hitters shoulder, hips and back knee are all lined up.

Day 20
Full Turns x15
Paint Stick x15
Don't Squish x15
Med Ball Toss x15
Your choice x15

Day 21
Watch Front Leg Adjustability
Full turns with timing drill x15
Change up Drill x15
Three Plate Drill x15
Front toss if possible (slow to fast) x10

Day 22
Bat Path Drill x15
Don't Squish the Bug Drill x15
Change up Drill x15
Three Plate Drill x15

Day 23
Don't squish the bug drill x15
Bounce drill x15
Three Plate drill x15

Full turns with timing x10
Change up Drill x10
Three Plate Drill x10

Day 25
Video and compare to Day 1 
Congratulations- do you look like Nolan Arenado?