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2015-16 Sr Boys Basketball

Final.  We will be practicing often with juniors. A decision will be made later on which team marcel and Abdullah will play on. It is possible they play on both if they get minimal playing time on senior team. On Monday, Contracts will need to be signed, permission letters brought home, and I will need to collect money $25 for warm up shooting shirts, and $25 to cover team fee (this covers cost of referees, tournaments).  Let's meet Monday after school 2:30-2:40...we will discuss if we want warmup shirts or not. 

Timothy 76 
Max 81
Rajev 82
Matias 86
Abdullah 76 
Luqman 87
Azam 88

Nathan 84
Ezekiel 82
Syed 86
Leighton 87
Darren 88
Hassan 76