Basketball Rules FIBA and Other Info

South Peel Elementary School – Basketball League 2017


4 x 6 Minute Quarters

All games will be officiated under 2014 FIBA Rules with the following amendments  

The game clock will stop on Free Throws and Timeouts  

Games will be two 15 minute halves 

Fouls will be 5 team fouls to get to Penalty 

Penalty will be 2 Free Throws and the time will stop during Free Throws for all games 

Timeouts will be 2 Timeouts in the first half and 2 Timeouts in the second half

The timeouts do not carry over for any extra or overtime period of play. 

In any and all extra period both teams are only entitled to one Timeout with no carry over

Timeouts can only be called by a coach to the Scoretable at the appropriate Timeout opportunity

Timeout opportunity are as follows: 

A deadball situations; fouls, violations, before the first Free Throw or before a one and only Free Throw, at the end of the last Free Throw. Any team can request a Timeout. 

When a team is scored upon and in the last two minutes if a sub is at the Scoretable for the team that is scored upon both teams can sub and any team can request a Timeout.  

A Timeout request is not permissible after the first Free Throw ends and the beginning of the Second Free Throw. (Everyone including the referee is to understand that the Scoretable is very young individuals and the referee(s) are to do their due diligence to make sure that the coach request is accepted or granted). 

Substitution(s) are on any and all deadball and will only take place before any Free Throw and the first of two Free Throws and at the end of the last Free Throw.

Last two minutes of the game 

The game clock will stop on every made basket and will start when the ball is touched in bounds. 

The game clock will stop on all whistles by the referee(s).

The ball will be advance to the Frontcourt when a Timeout is called by the offensive team. (FIBA Rule on advance positioning)

Extra Period All extra period will start with the team entitled to the Possession Arrow. 

The length of the extra period will be 2 minutes. (There is only one Jump Ball for the game and that is at the starting of the game).

8 seconds to cross the timeline

Frontcourt.   Once a team establishes the frontcourt, they cannot back to the backcourt including on throw-ins.

Free Throws. Rebounders may play after the release of the ball from the shooter.

3 pointers are counted assuming the floor  is marked for it.

Person to Person Defense is expected. “As per the LTAD model, the focus for Learn to Train athletes is centered on the development of fundamental movement skills (physical literacy), sport-specific fundamentals (layups/shooting), and understanding basic offensive and defensive principles to lay the foundation for success in later developmental stages. A focus on adult game tactics during practices and competitions (e.g., offensive isolations, zone defences)  is counter to athlete development when they limit the time spent developing young athletes’ fundamental skills.  (Ontario Basketball Association, FIBA)

Officials  will be scheduled for your games If you need to change the date of your game, you must email the assignor and convenor  well in advance. The assignor this year is:

Please inform the convenor ( of any changes to the schedule via email.

Games are played on the first day of the week.  Mondays whenever possible.  Games will be double headers.  Times will alternate for each gender.  

Games will be scheduled to begin at 3:00pm.  Bus pickup will be at approximately 1:30.  Busses will be booked ahead of time for both the boys and girls teams.  Once the bus arrives at the home school, the game will begin at 3pm, with pickup set for 5pm.   Referees will be pre-arranged to arrive for 3pm game time, with the second game beginning 10 minutes after the buzzer sounds. 

Tiebreaker:  In Standings: Head to head; Points against; Point differential