Basketball Rules

Officials will be assigned and paid in advance.  
Changes in schedule go through
Games are played on the first available day of the week.  Games will be doubleheaders beginning at 3pm.  See alternating times in schedule.
Bus will pick up at 1:45pm. and depart the games at 5pm.  


Basic Stuff:
4 X 6 minute stop time quarters
Bonus at 5 team fouls per quarter
Penalty is 2 free throws always
8 seconds to cross the timeline
Frontcourt.  Once team establishes frontcourt they may not inbounds it to the backcourt
3 pointers are counted assuming the floor is marked for it.  
15 point fall back rule.  Pickup at half court when leading by 15 or more.  

Person to Person Defence is expected.  "As per the LTAD model,  the focus for Learn to Train athletes is centered on the development of fundamental movement skills (physical literacy), sport-specific fundamentals (layups/shooting), and understanding basic offensive and defensive principles to lay the foundation for success in later developmental stages. A focus on adult game tactics during practices and competitions (e.g., offensive isolations, zone defences)  is counter to athlete development when they limit the time spent developing young athletes’ fundamental skills.  (Ontario Basketball Association, FIBA)

In other words, man to man defence is expected.  Zones are discouraged.

2 timeouts per half.  No carry over.  1 timeout in OT
Timeouts can only be called by a coach to the scorers table.  
Timeouts can only occur: 1. a deadball situation, before the 1st free throw, at end of last free throw
In last two minutes, after a basket, the team that gets scored upon can request a timeout. 

any deadball, before 1st freethrow and after last freethrow

Last two minutes 
Clock stops on every made basket and starts again when ball is touched in bounds. 
The ball will advance to frontcourt when a timeout is called by the offensive team
After a basket any team can request a timeout. 

Tiebreaker in standings:
Head to Head, Points against, Point differential