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PHE Class Expectancies Quiz

Agenda Fitness Chart

Door Entry-  Front doors near Office
Door Exit- Stage Door Left
Fire water door- Stage Right

Supervision- No student is allowed in the gym or equipment room without a teacher

Gym Uniform- change.  Preferably change into RTMS shirt and navy athletic shorts/pants

Footwear-  Be sure to wear your indoor shoes..these should be in your locker at all times

Jewelry-  NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Leave your devices and valuables in lockers or at home.  DO NOT BRING TO PHE CLASS or changeroom

Changeroom- 3 minutes to change..mind your own not wait for friends..NO SCENTS!!

What are we doing today?  The whiteboard reveals everything do not ask the teacher

Feeling sick? Sore leg?  There's a difference between being hurt and being injured.

Lost and Found.  Always look back to where you just came from

When getting into groups-  Always include others

Whistle Blows- take a knee, no bouncing, no talking

Swearing-  Never ever ever allowed in the school including gym class and in changeroom

Evaluation?  Performance, Participation, Preparation, Communication, DPA and Health on its own

Can Lebron get an A in our gym class?

Leadership positions?  See athletic council/ DPA

At lunch, can anyone come and get a ball for recess?

Sign up for intramurals...on the website

Page 1-  Title page/ Table of Contents
Page 2- Fitness Tracking
Page 3- Letter to Parents
Page 4- Course Outline

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Ms J.Angus RTMS,
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