Houseleague Rules

Gym must be setup and cleaned up by everyone
- black digital scoreboard
- benches to the stage and scoreboard ends.  2 benches go along side grade 6 wall
- pinnies placed at centre court
- floor swept using gym dust mop

4 quarters of 8 minutes each
The buzzer will sound every 4 minutes 
Each team will number their players and use the fair substitution sheet
No full court press.  5 seconds to cross half
Clock does not stop
Shooting fouls count as 1 point and other team's ball out of bounds
8 total team fouls is bonus (1 point on every foul)
2 pointers and 3 pointers
2 referees per game.  Argue with ref results in 1 game suspension.  Repeat results in permanent suspension.
Any problems, please email.  All emails will remain anonymous.