Class Outline 2018-2019

Cycle 1

Cycle 2

Cycle 3

Cycle 4

Cycle 5

Cycle 6

Sept 5-Sept17

Sept 18-Oct 2

Oct 3-Oct 18

Oct 19- Nov 1

Nov 2-Nov 15

Nov 19-30

Territorial Invasion Games

(Coneball, Hoopster)

Fit: Terry Fox, Tracking

Sending Receiving Activities

(Ballmaster, Coneball, Hoopster)

Fit: Terry Fox, Edor Tag, Tracking

Net Wall: Volleyball

Fit: Tracking, Sending Receiving Target Games (Bocce, Spike Ball, CanJam)

Net Wall: Volleyball

Fit: Fitness Test Complete

Territory: Basketball

Fit: Agility Circuits

Territory: Basketball

Fit: Cardiovascular Circuits


Cycle 7

Cycle 8

Cycle 9

Cycle 10

Cycle 11

Cycle 12

Dec3-Dec 14

Dec 17- Jan11

Jan 14 - Jan 28

Jan 29- Feb 12

Feb 13- Feb 27

Feb 28-Mar 20

Net Wall: Fitness Circuits, Games

Fit: Coordination Circuits

Locomotion: Dodgeball games

Invasion: Ball Hockey

Fit: Speed Circuits

Invasion: European Handball/ Tchoukball/ MultiBall 

Fit: Flexibility and Stability Circuits

Cooperative Games: Omnikin/ Indiana Jones

Fit: Finish Fitness Tests/ Snowshoes

Guest Instructors

(Firehouse Athletics, 

Fit: Muscular Endurance/ Strength Circuits


Cycle 13

Cycle 14

Cycle 15

Cycle 16

Cycle 17

Cycle 18

Mar 21-Apr3

April 4-April 17

April 18- May3

May6-May 17

May 21- June3

June4- June 18

Circuits/ Individual Pursuits

Fit: Power Circuits

Indoor Soccer

Fit: Reaction Time Circuits

Growth and Development

Net Wall Games (Badminton, Pickleball, Table tennis)/ Soccer/

Fit: Interval Training Running


Net Wall Games 2/ Soccer

Fit: Track and Field 

Striking Fielding Games

 Lacrosse/ Baseball/ Track and Field

Fit: Miscellaneous/ Fitness Tests


Cycle 19

June 19- June 27

Track/ FourCountries/ Ultimate Frisbee/ Cricket

- Finished by December 21st

Substance Use and Abuse- Finished by April 17th

Growth and Development April 18th- May 3rd