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Ruth Thompson Middle School music is founded upon the principles of what we call the 'follow your dream' model of learning. Students have the opportunity to learn how to play almost anything that they want!  Students can learn drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, sing, play a wind instrument or just about anything else that they, you or we can think of!  

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THOMPSON TUNES: Thursday, December 12th 7pm!

Music Rehearsal Schedule 2019-2020








Grade 7 Band

Grade 6 Band


Grade 8 Band

Thunder/ Concert Choir (rotating schedule)

After School

Stage Band (alternating with Tuesday)

Stage Band (alternating with Monday)

Room open until 3 pm for practice and extra help except the first Wednesday of every month

Chamber Choir


Are you in instrumental music this year??? Your instrument needs to be rented ASAP!  bandrentals.ca
Pick from Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet or Trombone! (or maybe even Saxophone/French Horn)

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