Distance Learning General Music

Weeks 12


The talent show submissions are now over and the videos are going to be released on Thursday and Friday at https://flipgrid.com/rtmsriptide

Watch three talent show videos and write a review.

Give three things you think they have done well (three stars) and one suggestion for improvement (one wish).

Make sure to login with your RTMS Gmail account to watch.

Enjoy this year’s cool virtual talent show!

This week is going to be our last week of the distance learning as summer break starts on Monday, June 29th.

Make sure to check out “Music Celebration” video which will be released on the last day of the school. Stay tuned for the daily morning announcement.

Enjoy your break and we will meet again in September!
For those who are graduating or leaving RTMS, good luck at your new place. RTMS will miss you!

Weeks 10 & 11


Now it is time for you to submit your talent show videos!

Click the link below and log in with your RTMS Gmail account.

You've got two weeks from today (Monday, June 8th) to upload your videos.
All the videos will remain "hidden" for two weeks, then will be released on the week of June 22nd.
Once you upload your video, only the Talent Show Team teachers will view it, and they will give you feedback.
You can always re-upload your video after the feedback to make it better, so don't be shy!

I want you all to participate. I want to see what you have been practicing so far during this distance learning time.

It could be something that you had been working on from the lessons that you've learned from here, or it could be something that you've learned or worked by yourself.

Also, it doesn't have to be "music." It can be anything as long as it is a unique, amazing talent or skill.
For example, drawing, dancing, martial arts, acting, comedy, makeup tutorial, or you name it.

IMPORTANT: When you are recording and uploading your video, do not include your name nor your class number for privacy!

I've already seen some people uploading their talent show videos and they are looking great!
Looking forward to seeing yours too!

Week 9


EXCITING NEWS: Our year-end talent show is coming soon!! Stay tuned for the Friday announcement!

This week, I want you to start thinking about the talent show. I want to see your amazing talent, and I want you all to participate.

As a musician, you can participate by singing and/or playing your instrument.

Let's start with choosing a song.

When you choose a song, make sure to check the lyrics.
On Google, type the title of your song and add "lyrics" (Ex.: "Happy lyrics"). Read through the lyrics to see if the song is appropriate.

Once you checked that your song is appropriate to perform at school, then you can start practicing.

IF you want to SING, then find a "karaoke" version from YouTube, and sing with the music background.

IF you are SINGING and/or PLAYING your instrument, then use the websites below to find out the notes and chords.

You can also refer to the websites provided on Week 8 to prepare your talent show.

Don't worry about the feedback for now as there will be time to get one once the talent show audition starts.
Just start thinking about what you want to do for the talent show this year, and start practicing!

Week 8


We have heard from you that you would like to play some instruments.
This week, let's focus on playing keyboard/piano, ukulele, guitar, and drum.
I will share some websites you can use to learn/play these instruments.


Ukulele, Guitar, Piano:

This is the website we use in the General Music class.
Search any song you like to play, then click "guitar/ukulele/piano" to see your chords.

Eventually requires an account to get unlimited plays.
Speak to a parent or guardian before creating accounts and never give private information away.

Use Chordu below. It doesn't require a log in to get unlimited plays.

This website is similar to Chordify.

Ukulele and Guitar:

Have fun!

Attention Students
If you are looking to connect with your music teacher and set up a time for them to contact you please complete the form below and your music teacher will contact you.

This form will be available under the "Announcement" tab.

Connect with Your Music Teacher

Week 7


There is a new music show coming soon at TVO Kids called "Backyard Beats."
There are 26 episodes and each episode will cover a different instrument as well as a range of music genres (rock bands, classical, and cultural instruments).
New episodes are going to be played on Mondays at 6 pm and Wednesdays at 3:45 pm starting tomorrow!
The episode will then be available on tvokids.com and TVO Kids YouTube.

Click the link to watch the show:

Each episode is about 12 minutes in length, and here is the schedule:

XylophoneWedMay 20, 2020
GuitarMonMay 25, 2020
UkuleleWedMay 27, 2020
TrumpetMonJune 1, 2020
KeyboardWedJune 3, 2020
BagpipesMonJune 8, 2020
TambourineWedJune 10, 2020
HarpMonJune 15, 2020
DidgeridooWedJune 17, 2020
SaxophoneMonJune 22, 2020
BanjoWedJune 24, 2020
DafMonJune 29, 2020
Indigenous Hand DrumWedJuly 1, 2020
ErhuMonJuly 6, 2020
FiddleWedJuly 8, 2020
CelloMonJuly 13, 2020
Drum KitWedJuly 15, 2020
TablaMonJuly 20, 2020
FluteWedJuly 22, 2020
GuzhengMonJuly 27, 2020
AccordionWedJuly 29, 2020
CastanetsMonAugust 3, 2020
DiziWedAugust 5, 2020
SteelpanMonAugust 10, 2020
BassWedAugust 12, 2020
DjembeMonAugust 17, 2020

Week 6

Focus on Composition

We are going to try our hand at composing a simple melody and drum groove on this online composition program.

In the settings section, you can change the number of beats per bar, length of the song, scale used (major, pentatonic and chromatic), range and starting note.
You can change the sounds and tempo on the bottom. The mic feature will listen to your pitch that you sing and reproduce the pitch in the boxes.
Each vertical box represents a note. Each horizontal box represents a beat.
The bottom two boxes represent the drum groove. You can change the drum sound and the melody sound with buttons on the bottom left. You can change the tempo with a slider at the bottom.

Here is one I did.  Can you guess the song?

Now try to make one yourself.  Feel free to share it with Ms. Moon and Mr. Brown if you wish.

Week 5


Each year in May, hundreds of thousands of people across Canada join together in harmony for Monday Monday.
It features performances from every province and territory and messages from many familiar faces.
This year, due to COVID-19, they are bringing Music Monday online, and they are inviting you to celebrate with them!

It is happening on Monday, May 4th, 2020 starting from 9 AM.
It will be streamed on the Music Monday website, YouTube channel, and Facebook page.

To watch, click one of the links below:

Music Monday Website

The day-long broadcast will have live performances, interactive activities, new music from Youth4Music Ambassadors, and many more.

This year's Music Monday anthem is "Hymn to Freedom" composed by a Canadian legend musician Oscar Peterson.
(Interesting Fact: There is an elementary school near RTMS called Oscar Peterson Public School. It was named after Oscar Peterson, and he actually came and visited the school! He also donated a piano as well. Some of your friends actually are from Oscar Peterson P. S.)

To find out more about Oscar Peterson, click here:

Everyone across Canada will sing "Hymn to Freedom" together at 12:30 pm on Monday.

To listen to "Hymn to Freedom," click here:

To learn "Hymn to Freedom" with Jackie Hawley, click here:

Music Monday Online Events Timeline:

9:00 am        Spotlight Celebration
10:00 am      Atlantic Canada
11:30 am      Quebec
12:30 pm      Music Monday Anthem sing-along
12:35 pm      Spotlight Celebration
1:30 pm        Ontario
2:30 pm        Prairies
4:30 pm        Youth4Music
5:30 pm        Territories
6:30 pm        British Columbia
7:30 pm        Spotlight Celebration
8:30 pm        After Party

Join Music Monday at home this year and enjoy watching the event!

Week 4


Have you watched "Stronger Together, Tous Ensemble" last Sunday?
It was aired on English and French services on Sunday, April 26th at 6:30 p.m.

What was it about?

Drake, Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, Ryan ReynoldsMichael BubléAvril Lavigne, Margaret Atwood, Brampton's Alessia Cara, and many more iconic Canadians shared their stories of hope and inspiration in a national salute to frontline workers combatting COVID-19 and to support Food Banks Canada.

To watch this special event, you can visit:


To find out more about "Stronger Together, Tours Ensemble," go to:


If you were asked to be one of the performers in this special event, what would you like to share?
It could be singing, playing instrument(s), or even a mix of music with a special message.
Record your project and share it with your music teacher. You may share it with your friends and family too!

Here are some examples:

Alessia Cara singing "You've Got a Friend in Me" with her special message

Justin Bieber, Michael Bublé, Avril Lavigne and more singing "Lean on Me" together

Week 3

Now that you know how to play the drums, here is a challenge for you.
There are six different stages, and I want to see how far you can go.

To move on to the next level, you need to play the beat TWICE in a row WITHOUT a mistake.

Good luck! 🥁







How far did you go?

Don't worry if you can't finish them all. Drumming is hard and it takes time to get used to it.
It's almost like learning a new language, and learning a new language is not easy, right?
I would be proud of you if you could play stages 1 and 2 perfectly. Maybe up to stage 3/4 for Grades 7 and 8 ;)

Good work!!

Week 2

Let's learn how to play drums.

This is how an acoustic drum set looks like. We are only going to focus on the hi-hat, snare drum, and bass drum for now.
You can play them in the air with imaginary drumsticks and a drum set, or you can grab any two sticks that are available and play them on your pillows.

Be creative!

Beginners (Intermediate/Advanced: scroll down)
Step 1:

Play the hi-hat with your right hand. There are 8 eighth notes, so play them 8 times.

Step 2:

Add a bass drum on beats 1 and 3. To play the bass drum, you have to press down a silver pedal with your right foot.

Step 3:

This time, add a snare drum on beats 2 and 4 with your left hand.
Don't worry about the bass drum for now. Just focus on the hi-hat and snare drum.

Step 4:

If you know how to play steps 1-3, then let's put them all together.
On beat 1: play hi-hat and bass drum
On beat 2: play hi-hat and snare drum
On beat 3: play hi-hat and bass drum (same as beat 1)
On beat 4: play hi-hat and snare drum (same as beat 2)

Play this exercise multiple times until you know how to play it four times in a row without a mistake!

Intermediate / Advanced

Go to the link below and play basic drum beats and grooves virtually.
Begin with "Basic Rock" and "Rock."

Have Fun! ♫ 🥁

Week 1

We will be uploading 1-2 new things a week for you to try if you wish.  Our hopes are that you continue to be creative and try to keep music a part of your life during this challenging time.  As you may have seen music can be something that unites and inspires us. We hope that it can do this for you.   If you wish to have feedback on the creative work you are doing please email your music teacher and they will do their best to help you out.  Please remember your health is the most important thing. Take care and be well.

Let's start with something fun.

What is your high score?!

 how to read the notes?
Here is how you do it:

Want to try an advanced version?

Click the link below, and customize the exercise so that you can try naming notes on the grand staff (treble clef + bass clef). 

Reflection Piece

While we are all adjusting to being at home instead of school together, take a moment to think about how music is part of your daily life. Are you listening to music? Are you creating music? Are there any subtle ways that music is part of your life? Feel free to share your reflections with Mr. Brown or Ms. Moon.