Q: Can anyone take books from the RTMS little free library?
Yes - anyone can borrow and contribute. It is meant to be used by RTMS students, community members and anyone who happens to drop by! The little free library is based on the honour system: take a book, leave a book. When you drop by the little free library feel free to borrow a book and then drop one, two or a few books the next time you pass by.

Q: Do I have to return the same book I borrowed?
No. You can return a different book. Please see the Home Page for information about the kinds of books our little free library is stocking for the community.
Q: What happens if I lose my little free library book?
Easy! Just return a different book that is in good shape (clean pages, no rips or water damage, no yellowed pages or musty smell). 

Q: What happens if someone steals all the books?
Well, that person will have a lot of reading to do, won't they?! Seriously, you can't "steal" something that is free. However, if the number of books runs low, our active community will do their best to replenish the collection so everyone can continue to experience the joy of reading. The person who "steals" the books will soon realize that his/her actions were, perhaps, not such a good choice. 

Q: Where can I find more Little Free Libraries?
There are a number of them in Toronto and the surrounding area. As of December 2014, the RTMS Little Free Library seems to be the only official little free library in the area and the first PDSB school to have one too! Of course, there are little free libraries all over the world. Take a look at this world map for more information. Perhaps you might find some as you travel around the world! If so, make sure you tweet a picture to @rtmslibrary!

Q: How do I contact the steward for the RTMS Little Free Library?
Our contact information can be found here. We'd love to hear from you.

Q: Who takes care of the RTMS Little Free Library?
The capable Library Leaders and students from Ruth Thompson Middle School are little free library experts and will check in on the collection year-round. That doesn't mean we will be supplying all of the books! The aim is that all members of the community near and far will feel ownership of the RTMS little free library and help maintain and re-stock it regularly.

Q: Who painted the RTMS little free library?
Talented RTMS students who participate on the Art Council designed and executed the amazing paintings on the recycled newspaper box. Thanks to Ms. Heather Latta for heading up the whole project!