Red Maple Non-Fiction 2018-2019.

If you chose to read Red Maple Non-Fiction you will be posting your ratings and recommendations below in the comments section of this page ONLY. 

Remember your key areas to consider when rating (1 so-so, 2 okay, 3 good, 4 great) and recommending (for readers younger, the same age or older):

Red Maple non-fiction use these guidelines, pick 3 or more on which to comment:
  •  What was the author’s purpose in writing the book? 
  • Did the author accomplish that purpose?
  •   Who is the target audience for the book? 
  •  What do you think is the book’s greatest value?
  •  What makes it special or worthwhile?
  •   Are the facts shared accurate?
  •   Is the book interesting and hold your attention?
  •  Would it be a useful addition to a school or public library? 
  •  If the book is a biography or autobiography, how sympathetic is the subject?
  •  Is it easy to understand the ideas? 
  •  Are there extra features that add to the enjoyment of the book, such as maps, indexes, glossaries, or other materials?
  •   Are the illustrations helpful?