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                          Hey guys how are you my name is KomalN I am in class 87 as written above. You probably don't know who am so I will help you out... Your welcome... I am a Pisces (Zodiac Sign) Fan girl who wears black ALL THE TIME if you ever get to see me in anything other than dark colors then please come up to me and ask me what is wrong with me. As for the fangirl part I am a book nerd I am ALWAYS reading something. My favorite band is PTX (Also known as Pentatonix) they are an A Cappella group made up of 5 people... 4 male 1 female  Mitch, Scott, Avi, Kevin and Kristie. Mitch and Scott have their very own YouTube channel you should check it out they call themselves SUPERFRUIT... Yup  you read that right. SUPERFRUIT. You know since we are on the topic of YOUTUBE I want to advise you to watch Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil they are my life they are amazing asjkdlf... Dan is an antisocial weirdo... Phil is a ray of sunshine... They live together and have written a book... At this moment I would like to address the Quote at the top go ahead read it i'll wait.... Now that you have read that you can do whatever you want with that info you just got... Use it, Forget it I REALLY DON'T CARE!!! My favorite subject is math: I like a challenge. But I am very bad at Language because I cannot spell for the sake of my life so thank you auto correct (Not Really). I also am pretty decent at art (Yay me). My best friend Ajinaa have a thing for Shiping me with almost every guy...What's shipping you ask? if you don't know what it is get away from this website as far away from this possible... Anyways Shipping is a term mostly used by a fangirl or fanboy ...The definition is when you see a romantic future for the people being shipped... The 2 people being shipped may be your OTP (One True Pair)... Not gong to explain the people involved. I am very sorry if you are... If you have known me in the past then you should know that until this year I actually wore the color pink I know Ew but NOW I were black. Most people judge me by what I look like, what I wear or how I act Well who cares HATERS GONNA HATE AND TAYLOR'S GOT A DATE... Yup that was just sad but I am going to keep it.  If you have for some reason read until this far then congrats you are amazing and thank you for reading it... Yup that just happened... Now for a huge cliche... If you disagree with any of these things that are wrote above then leave it in the comments below ...
                          That's all... Bye...

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