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01 September

1. Intro to our School Theme, We Stand

Terry Fox

We Stand

 2. Wishtree classroom agreements

Google Presentation

3. Agenda Scavenger Hunt

Copy of Agenda Scavenger Hunt 2017-18

4. Introduction to our character trait "Responsibility"

Responsibility: for newcomers and welcomers

5. Intro to the 7 Habits (goes with handout in Thompson Time duo-tang) 

Introducing the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens!!

5. Getting to know you activities


Copy of Name stories

b) Circulation circles

Copy of Circulation Circles

c) Name tags

Google Docs Video

d) Drama cooperative game

Copy of I am a Tree... drama

e. Words of strength

Copy of Words of Strength

6. Wishtree lessons

a) anticipation guide (in Thompson Time duo)

Copy of wishtree anticipation guide for TT duotang

b) Tea party (goes with quotes below presentation)

Copy of Pre-reading: 'wishtree' Tea party

b) Tea Party quotes

Copy of 'wishtree' Tea Party quotes

c) Say Something (with prompts below)

Copy of Say Something - wishtree

c) say something prompts

Copy of Say Something prompts

d) What Makes You Say That?

Copy of What makes you say that?: wishtree

7. Circle teacher resources

Google Docs Video

Google Docs Video

Google Docs Video