School Themes


At Ruth Thompson Middle School we believe in strong foundations:
1) Our agenda program which is to be used by every student in every class every day is:
     i) a key communication tool between school and home
    ii) important for keeping track of important assignment due dates and housing your record of achievement
2) By sharing a common language we can all set high expectations.  Our cornerstone reference is Sean Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers. the seven habits are listed in your agenda and posted on every classroom wall. You'll see monthly Thompson Time lessons built around these seven ideas:
    i) Be Proactive
    ii) Begin with the End in Mind
    iii) Put first things first
    iv) Think Win-Win
    v) Seek first to understand and then to be understood
    vi) Synergize
    vii) Sharpen the Saw
This year's theme is: "Inspire".   Every Monday and Wednesday morning during Thompson Time, every homeroom class participates in Thompson Time activities and the lessons are based on character traits such as responsibility, optimism, integrity, caring, perseverance, inclusivity, cooperation, empathy, teamwork, and respect.
Ruth Thompson Middle School is full of welcoming, positive, and talented staff and students.  In our effort to always "Help each other be successful " we are constantly striving to foster a safe and positive school community.  RTMS is known to extend from "me to we" and reach out. We will be planning a number of socially active events this year such as the Terry Fox Run and the December food drive for Eden Community, Food Force!

 Our theme of Inspire will also be found in this year's school wide book choice, Wonder.  As a class you can read the book together during Guided Reading Time on Thursday mornings.
That summarizes what we're going to work on as a school this year. There truly is something for everyone at RTMS and one opportunity is to be part of the Board of Trustees: two students from every homeroom class per term will attend weekly meetings and design and deliver Thompson Time lessons based on the themes above.  As a sub-page, you'll find an outline of our monthly themes.  We're going to have a great year!
Here is a schedule of what we do at Thompson Time:Advisory schedule!

School Themes 2018-2019



Covey Habit: An introduction to the "Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers"

Character Trait: Responsibilty... be accountable for your actions


Covey Habit: Paradigms and Principles

Character Trait: Optimism... choose your attitude!



Covey Habit: Be Proactive

Character Trait: Integrity


 Covey Habit: Begin with the End in Mind

Character Trait: Caring... show compassion and kindness towards others


Covey Habit: Put first things first

Character Trait: Perseverance... overcome challenges to accomplish your goals




Covey Habit: Introducing the Relationship Bank Account

Character Trait: Inclusivity... treating everyone fairly and equitably



Covey Habit: Think Win-Win

Character Trait: Cooperation... work collaboratively with others for a common purpose



Covey Habit: Seek first to understand and then to be understood

Character Trait: Empathize... demonstrate concern about the feelings and needs of others



Covey Habit: Synergize

Character Trait: Teamwork... that's RTMS!



Covey Habit: Sharpen the Saw

Character Trait: Respect... treat everyone (including yourself) with high regard and dignity