About Ms. Macleod



Beginning with the End in Mind! 


Our school theme for the 2020-2021 school year is Look Both Ways!.


As you know in the  mornings,  our student Board of Trustees present Thompson Time activities to their classes.  These lessons are designed by a fantastic team of teachers across grade levels.  The Board of Trustees meet on Wednesdays at lunch in the library with Ms. Neath and Ms. Macleod to learn how to teach the activities.  All lessons are designed as presentations and can be found online even though the activities take many forms from class discussions to games.  Our character education program refers to the school theme, Inspire as well as our character traits;  Respect,Integrity, Proactive, Teamwork, Initiative, Determination, and  Enthusiasm. The program also draws heavily on Sean Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers”, with each month concentrating on a specific habit. Our lessons also are created and taught through the lens of Equity. Our topics will often be based on Racism, Ableism, Heterosexism, classism, Faith as an ism, sexism and classism.   Please visit the Guidance website through the school’s Google Apps account to view this year’s collection of Thompson Time lessons.


Of course, the role of the Board of Trustees extends beyond the delivery of our character education program.  They are responsible for organizing spirit days, School Dance and Activity days, one in December and the other in March.  Finally, we head up the Beetle Projects.  Every year, RTMS adopts a doll.  It starts out as a blank canvas and throughout the year, as we work together on community projects.  .


As part of promoting our school themes, Student Services is involved in coordinating assemblies. We will be introducing this year's theme of "Connect" during our kick off assembly on September 19th. We are also looking forward to our first spirit assembly in honour of Terry Fox Day on September 30th. 


RTMS is a middle school and as such the Guidance office is involved in Transitions.  Throughout the year, we will  work with Grade 8 students in their preparation for secondary school.  This will  involve regional schools such as Cawthra, West Credit, and Meadowvale to offer program presentations. We, of course,  work very closely with our home high school of Stephen Lewis SS. We will have several opportunities to visit SLSS and learn about our options there. As for our future  6 students, we are keen to host a Feeder School visit early June.


Grade 8 classes have a Guidance class scheduled once per cycle on their timetable.  Within this time, we will examine the questions central to Guidance and Career Education; Who am I? What are my Opportunities? With whom do I share my community? what responsibilities do I have to myself and others? Who do I want to become? what kind of communities do I envision; what will my relationships be with them? What are my plans to achieve my goals? How can I prepare to respond to life's challenges?  


Of course, part of Student Services is to support the teaching staff.  This involves in assisting with the Mentor/Mentee program for new teachers at the start of the school year.  


Of course, most important always and forever, is individual counselling.  The Guidance door is always open!  We can discuss a range of topics from locker troubles to academic issues to family concerns.  Guidance can be a sounding board, a place to help problem-solve and offer useful resources.


Looking forward to a great year!

Ms. Macleod