Board of Trustees

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ALL NEW BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEMBERS FOR 2019-2020... please sign up here and click on the BLUE  "Apply to Join Group" button at the top:!forum/bot   and then accept.
You should start receiving BOT emails.

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Being part of the Board of Trustees is incredibly important!  Here's what you need to know:
  • Two students from every class are elected to the Board of Trustees
  • The Board of Trustees meets every Wednesday at lunch in the library
  • The Board of Trustees are responsible for presenting to their classes the Thompson Time activities as part of our Character Education program that we run every Monday and Wednesday morning.  Thus, our Board of Trustees develop strong leadership skills and develop confidence talking in front of their peers
  • The Board of Trustees are also responsible for:
    • Attending leadership conferences
    • Planning monthly spirit days
    • Planning school dances and activity days
    • Assisting with school-wide events such as the Terry Fox Run and Food Force
We need your leadership!   
*Please visit the "Thompson Time" page for this month's Character Education activities! 
For a review of our foundation and focus for the year, visit "School Themes".