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01 September Thompson Time

Welcome back everyone!! During the month of September we will be focusing on: introducing our theme, introducing habits, introducing our character trait , our school wide novel, getting to know each other, building community, establishing routines (agenda) and introducing "circles".

-Introducing our theme

I am... intro


I am poem template

I am poem example

-Introducing the Habits

Copy of Intro the the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

-introducing our September character trait, "Responsibility"

September’s Character Trait is...

-Introducing our school wide novel "I am Malala"

Google Presentation

Google Presentation

Google Presentation

-Getting to know each other

Copy of Name stories

Copy of The Important Thing about me!

Copy of Circulation Circles

Google Docs Video

I am a Tree... drama

Copy of The Important Thing about me!

-Building Community

Copy of Class Agreements Circle Display

Copy of Caring classroom questions

Copy of ideas for grouping students

-Establishing routines and agenda

Copy of Leadership at RTMS

Agenda Scavenger Hunt 2017-18

-Introducing "the circle"