Welcome to Student Services!

Look Both Ways



Thanks for visiting the Guidance website!  There's lots to explore!  Student Services has a number of responsibilities:
  • Developing and presenting Thompson Time activities!  This involves:
    • Working with the Advisory Team, a group of teachers, in designing the lessons
    • Working with the Board of Trustees, your student representatives, to deliver those activities in class
      • Pages on this website that relate to Thompson Time activities include:
        • "Board of Trustees" - with meeting minutes
        • "Thompson Time Activities" and "Thompson Time Archives"
  • Offering individual counselling for all students
    • Visit the "Want to talk" and "Resources" pages of this website
    • Part of helping you is attending all teacher Grade level meetings to find out how to offer support
  • Working with all Grade 8 classes in preparing for high school
    • In this section of the website you'll find Guidance lesson plans, high school information, and Skills Canada opportunities
  • Fostering school spirit by contributing to school assemblies
    • Check out the "School Themes" section that provides scripts of this year's assemblies. 

Come check out Student Services! We're down the hall from the main office!