Leadership Roles

There is "something for everyone" here at Ruth Thompson Middle School.  

Board of Trustees:
teach TT lessons, attend meetings (Wednesday), learn and teach responsibility.
Mohammed A. and Lan G.

Tech Team: Help other students in the IT Lab, attend meetings (once a week), help Mr. Sakai, help teachers, morning announcements, classroom announcements.
Myesha and Muhammad K.

Athletic Council: Help Mr. Peterson set up, run intramurals, attend meetings, does laundry, promote Phys-Ed department.
Maham and Moatasem

DPA Leaders: Learn DPA activities and organize the class to play, need to get equipment, have a plan, remind Mrs. Bay about our DPA sessions.  :)
Zoha and Marvan

Library Leaders: Help organize books, Help Ms. Shisko, check out books, do your library leader time slots.

Arts Council: Help with murals and art projects.

Ambassadors: Host of school, welcome people, help new students, give tours.
Sheza and Izza 

Ruth's Restaurant: Help with set up and take down of Ruth's Restaurant.

Assembly Leader: MC assemblies.

Radio 5605/Riptide TV: Morning announcements in SS, help with Riptide TV.

Green Team: Attend the meetings, Promote Green initiatives, help keep the school clean.
Term 1: Myesha and Stamati