**We regret to inform you, however, class 89 no longer exists. Good luck to all the former members of 89**
RIP 4 on the floor! Mrs. Bay was awesome. Remember the granola bars? We literally finished them in 2 days! it was hilarious... gonna miss you guys. :)

Welcome to Class 89

The theme this year is "I am..."

Welcome to Mrs. Bay's class website for 89. This class is still alive.
 Please visit here regularly to mourn for our loss, for links to important events, homework updates, access to general information and to help stay organized throughout the year.

Grade 8 is going to be an awesome year! Without Mrs.Bay :(. At RTMS we have high standards for all and believe in helping each other to be successful. Ms. bay taught us a lot in the last few weeks. This is your chance to get involved, try new things and take charge of your own success. There is "something for everyone" at our school, so get out there and get stuck in!

We are a "solution-based" school here at RTMS. This means that we believe we can all be "part of the solution" where we bring back 89. With that in mind, those who click the edit or create page button without permission will have their privileges to comment and edit the site taken away. Class 89, you may only edit pages with the permission of your tech team, Mr. Sakai or myself.

Thanks for visiting our class website. Check back frequently to stay connected, updated and informed. We are the mighty Riptide - we are a strong, dynamic force making changes as we go.
Here's to a great year together at RTMS!
Mrs. Bay  :)