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Literature Circles

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Literature Circles Film Crew

Welcome to your next Language Arts unit! 
Over the next few weeks, we will be embarking on a journey that will have you take reading to the next level.
On this webpage is the information and resources you will need to understand and execute your roles in your literature circles, as well as the criteria needed to complete tasks, and assessments used to break down your marks.

We will be completing this unit with a grand Oscars ceremony (red carpet included). So start planning your evening attire, because we are not holding back when it comes to celebrating and awarding your learning. 

So let's get started. 

Go to your Google Drive to access your book! 

Literature Circle Roles

 The DirectorThe  Storyboard Artist  The Casting ManagerThe Soundtrack Designer 
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In a film, the Director is responsible for the overall look and feel of the movie. Directors are the ones who “run the show.” In this role in your Literature Circles, your job is to develop a list of questions that your group might want to discuss about this part of the story. You should act as a facilitator while the group discusses the main ideas of the story.

In a film, the storyboard artist (sometimes called the graphic designer) puts ideas of others in the crew into reality by creating artwork for the production. Your job is to draw the meaning of this part of the story or to create a summary using pictures. Your project can be a sketch, cartoon, diagram, flowchart, or stick figure scene. Any kind of drawing/ graphic is fine, and you are welcome to use words as labels. When it is your turn, share your illustration with the group. Invite the students to connect the drawing to their own ideas about the reading. Then you can share what your picture means, where it came from, or what it represents to you.


The job of the Casting Director is to look for actors to play roles. In order to do that, the casting director must understand characterization. As Casting Director, your job is to document the characters in the text, as well as the character traits they possess. 

Music adds a great deal to the ways we perceive something and the emotions involved. As you read this section of the book, think about the kinds of music and songs that would fit in with the story. 


Oscars Awards Ceremony! 

We will be having an Oscars awards ceremony at the end of March, at Springbrook Public School. So start planning "who" you will be wearing as you walk down the red carpet! 

Reading and Meeting Schedule