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Grade 7 advice

posted Jun 12, 2016, 12:51 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 12, 2016, 12:51 PM by Unknown user ]
To grade 7's: grade 8 is probably going to be a difficult time for some of you. You'll be learning new things you probably haven't even heard of yet, and you'll probably be contemplating life everyday because of the guidance lessons telling you to decide what you wanna be right now. Here's some advice to prepare you for what's about to come.

1. Be prepared. Always bring what you need to class, because in high school you won't be allowed to go to your locker to get your things.

2. Let the train at Procrastination Station leave without you. This is important. Put away all distractions and just focus on what you're doing. Thinking about the consequences and the success it will bring you helps to motivate you. Try and make a routine if you haven't already so that procrastination isn't really a choice for you. Trust me, I speak from experience. 

3. Be respectful. If you want to end up in your teacher's good books, be respectful to them, your peers and yourself. Don't talk while someone else is talking, and try to at least pretend you're listening. Respecting yourself means to not let anyone distract you and respect your plan to be successful. 

4. Listen. Even though pretending to listen will seem okay, it really isn't. Grade 8 is the year you learn many, many new things in math, science, geography and the rest of the subjects. Take notes and listen because it's very different from grade 7. You have to start being independent now. 

5. The habits. If you were here since grade 6, or even if you're here right now in grade 7, the 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens might sound familiar. Whenever your board of trustees or anyone is presenting to you about these habits, listen. They'll really help you be successful and if you've been using them all 3 years, using them in grade 8 should be easy for you, and you're probably already quite successful in middle school. 

6. Friendship. Even though friends are really important and it's essential to kind of have some good friends, if you know they're doing something wrong, don't get involved. Many of them will be moving to different high schools and you'll all be separated. Focus on your academics first, and then your friends.

7. Grade 8 isn't a "wasting year". It might seem like you don't need to do well in grade 8 because apparently you feel like there's some light switch you can turn on in high school, but it's not true. Grade 8 is very important. You should be developing habits that will help you next year. If you're not, unfortunately there isn't any switch you can turn "on" to "success." Don't waste this year and try as hard as you would any other year because it's the end of middle school. In grade 9, new things will begin. 

I hope these things help you for your year in grade 8.