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Cincinnati zoo incident

posted Jun 12, 2016, 10:43 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 12, 2016, 10:43 AM by Unknown user ]
Whose life is more valuable, gorilla or human's? Well, I think they're both equal. I mean, sure we slaughter animals all the time to eat, but that's because our body needs it. Protein from chicken and beef is really important for your body. Vegetarians and vegans of course don't eat meat and find alternatives, but meat is still really important for you. What happened to the gorilla in the zoo is different. A little boy fell in the gorilla's area in the zoo, and the gorilla took the child to it's "home" in the zoo and was probably harmless. But, gorillas obviously don't know how weak children are and they don't know how powerful they are themselves. I've read many stories about the same thing happening, but the gorilla was trying to protect the children that fell into there. Gorilla story This article talks about a boy that fell into the gorilla area many years ago, and it shows how the gorilla was trying to protect him from the other gorillas. It shielded the boy to make sure he wasn't hurt. We don't know if the gorilla in the Cincinatti zoo also had the same intentions, but I certainly don't think it's intentions were to hurt the boy. It's also not the gorilla's fault. It also has to do with bad parenting. If the child's parents were actually taking care of him and keeping him in close sight, the gorilla wouldn't have died. They should've watched their child and maybe even held his hand instead of leaving him to go wherever he wanted. Even though I feel like the gorilla didn't deserve what happened to it, I think it was the right thing to do. The gorilla could've done anything to the boy, like slam him on the ground, accidentally trample him, etc. Gorillas don't know about their strength, and the boy could have died, which would have started much more controversy in the media than the gorilla being shot. The zoo could've been sued or closed down and they prob alt feel like their business is more important than a gorillas life, which I think isn't true. So yeah, I think it was the right decision.