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Celebrity influence on our daily lives

posted Jun 12, 2016, 10:28 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 12, 2016, 10:28 AM by Unknown user ]
Many people are famous for their talent. There are singers, actors, comedians, sports players, etc. I think many people get influenced by them, whether it's positive or negative. Beyoncé is an amazing singer, who also motivationally speaks. She has influenced so many people to try their best, and strive for greatness. In interviews or even through the lyrics in her songs, she's always encouraging women to stand up for themselves, and talks about feminism a lot. Micheal Jackson, aka the King Of Pop, has also influenced people through his music and dance. For example, the moonwalk is still a popular dance move today, and his songs are always talked about. We're also influenced by their products. If Justin Bieber comes out with a new perfume, millions of teenage girls will run to buy it. They don't care if it's not good, it's because Justin Bieber has influenced them and they would do anything to support him. There's also celebrity endorsements. Celebrity endorsements get a lot of people to buy things they don't even need. If you put a sports player such as LeBron James in a commercial about energy drinks and he promotes it, millions of people are going to buy it just because they think he thinks it's good. Celebrities are used to promote many things, and their music, comedy acts, movies or games influence many people.