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17 Mahnoor

World's Best Invention:

In my opinion, the world's best invention ever is a smartphone. I think this because you can carry it around with you wherever you want and you have access to internet, you can listen to music on it, take pictures, download apps, and do a lot of other things. You can even read books on it and call people and talk to them. Also, you can video chat with people. Scientists keep coming up with new features for phones. It keeps getting better and better. Phones allow people to communicate a lot easier, and it lets you stay in touch with everyone. Also, it lets you know what's going on around the world and allows you to access social media. It allows you to text people, instead of verbally talking to them. This makes it a lot easier to communicate and say stuff to your friends. This is why smartphones are the world's best invention ever!!!! 

Fort McMurray Fire

posted May 10, 2016, 11:09 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 10, 2016, 11:09 AM by Unknown user ]

The Fort McMurray Fire is a wildfire which began southwest of Fort McMurray, Alberta. It swept through the community, and destroyed over 2,400 homes and buildings. This might be the most costly disaster in Canadian History. I think this is a really sad disaster and I hope the people affected by it feel better. For all of the people who lost their homes, I hope they manage to settle somewhere else and they regain all the valuable things which they lost. 

Person who has the greatest impact on my life

posted May 3, 2016, 11:07 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 10, 2016, 11:03 AM by Unknown user ]

I think the people who have the greatest impact on my life are my parents. They are always there for me and they help me and tell me what to do. They tell me when I'm not doing something right and guide me with my life. Also, I really like the food my mom makes for me. Gargi is a person in  my life who has also impacted me. She has changed my personality in a huge way and I ended up being like her. There are some things which she does which I didn't used to like before but now I realized I do the same thing. But overall, she's an awesome person :) Also, we both really love food a lot. 

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