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Check your rtms email and or Google classroom for updates and information as we continue with DISTANCE LEARNING 

All homework is posted on the 87 Google Classroom and the Distance Learning Outline is shared with you each week on Monday at 8:00am

Math Textbook (Google Drive Folder)

Science Textbook Copy and paste the following link in the address bar, make sure you are signed in to rtms google account


 This Year's Theme is:
The School-Wide Novel is:
Sit by: Deborah Ellis

Teachers for 2019-2020:
Mr. Stroud: Math, Science and TT
Ms. Spiliotopoulos: Lang and SS/H/G
Ms. Ching Vo: French and Drama
Ms. Derry: Art
Ms. Angus: PHE
Mr. Brown: Music
Ms. Odie: IT