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    I cannot wait for graduation, i'm so excited! The one thing is though, i can't believe i'm graduating. Don't get me wrong I knew one day i would eventually graduation middle school/ elementary school, but it seems as if the time skipped and can to fast. I can't really remember my school times and times with my friends. Just yesterday my friend sent me a photo of us in grade 6 or 7 and I couldn't remember when it happened. Well i guess my parents and teachers weren't lying when they said " time goes by fast". Anyhow as I was saying, apparently we're going to have our grad at a hotel. First its going to be a ceremony where all the parents can come (mind you the students are only allowed two tickets). Then after the parents leave and we have the dinner (which is a buffet). Then we have the dance. I'm not sure about what i want to wear to grad. I ask a friend and he said to go with heels, but wont that be a killer on my feet at the dance? What i know for sure is that my hair is going to be down in curls although the top half is going to be pulled back with a sparkly clip. Um as for my dress I thinking a short dress up to my knee and maybe I'll have sleeves that are see through and sparkly teehee. I think about the design when I'm looking for the dress, and the color of the dress will be...ummm maybe a peachy pink or a blue.