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  Remember the book I was talking about on the last blog "The Calling". I finished it today during a class but it's not like I wasn't listening to the lesson the was only two pages left! Anyhow the book was overall okay. It wasn't amazing but I'm hoping the third one will be better. So what happened was Maya and the gang found Rafe but it turns out that Rafe was founded before by the St.Cloud (the bad guy) and they hooked a wire on him so they could listen in. Rafe told Maya... in a difficult way. On their way out of town (no one has come back since the fire and they all think that the gang went down in the helicopter and died). On their way out of the town, they took a trail and were ambushed. they ran out of they van and went into the forest in hopes of escape, Sam gets shot in the leg and Kenjji is also shot but then Daniel realize that its just a tranquilizer dart. then Cory is taken and soon Daniel is taken as well. Maya turns into a cougar and gets onto of the van that has Corey and Daniel inside. Soon the van stops and Maya get flipped over the top and they drivers get out. To sum it up Maya bits the guy and knocks the women unconscious and all of them (Daniel, Corey, and Maya) get in the van and go to the spot where their captures were talking about. They get to a helicopter pad but its already taking off and Rafe and Sam are inside along with the dog. Then the book ends. Yay...what a. great interesting book *insert sarcastic glare*