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28 Capri- Music/Youtube Videos

 Hi my name is Capri and I'm a new student at R.T.M.S. This is my second week here, some people have been helpful and friendly and I'm pretty sure that I'll make it through the year but high school is an entirely  different story. My  favorite colors are pink,blue and green. I'm not to fond with sports with the exception of swimming which I love. My favorite food is takeout Chinese and spaghetti. That's all for now but you can check out my blog for more. 


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    I cannot wait for graduation, i'm so excited! The one thing is though, i can't believe i'm graduating. Don't get me wrong I knew one day i would eventually graduation middle school/ elementary school, but it seems as if the time skipped and can to fast. I can't really remember my school times and times with my friends. Just yesterday my friend sent me a photo of us in grade 6 or 7 and I couldn't remember when it happened. Well i guess my parents and teachers weren't lying when they said " time goes by fast". Anyhow as I was saying, apparently we're going to have our grad at a hotel. First its going to be a ceremony where all the parents can come (mind you the students are only allowed two tickets). Then after the parents leave and we have the dinner (which is a buffet). Then we have the dance. I'm not sure about what i want to wear to grad. I ask a friend and he said to go with heels, but wont that be a killer on my feet at the dance? What i know for sure is that my hair is going to be down in curls although the top half is going to be pulled back with a sparkly clip. Um as for my dress I thinking a short dress up to my knee and maybe I'll have sleeves that are see through and sparkly teehee. I think about the design when I'm looking for the dress, and the color of the dress will be...ummm maybe a peachy pink or a blue. 


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  Remember the book I was talking about on the last blog "The Calling". I finished it today during a class but it's not like I wasn't listening to the lesson the was only two pages left! Anyhow the book was overall okay. It wasn't amazing but I'm hoping the third one will be better. So what happened was Maya and the gang found Rafe but it turns out that Rafe was founded before by the St.Cloud (the bad guy) and they hooked a wire on him so they could listen in. Rafe told Maya... in a difficult way. On their way out of town (no one has come back since the fire and they all think that the gang went down in the helicopter and died). On their way out of the town, they took a trail and were ambushed. they ran out of they van and went into the forest in hopes of escape, Sam gets shot in the leg and Kenjji is also shot but then Daniel realize that its just a tranquilizer dart. then Cory is taken and soon Daniel is taken as well. Maya turns into a cougar and gets onto of the van that has Corey and Daniel inside. Soon the van stops and Maya get flipped over the top and they drivers get out. To sum it up Maya bits the guy and knocks the women unconscious and all of them (Daniel, Corey, and Maya) get in the van and go to the spot where their captures were talking about. They get to a helicopter pad but its already taking off and Rafe and Sam are inside along with the dog. Then the book ends. Yay...what a. great interesting book *insert sarcastic glare*

The Calling

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  The book i'm currently reading is called the "Calling".  Its the second book in a series called the "Gathering". the author is Kelley Armstrong.  one of the books that i had read and enjoyed was also written by her. The calling is about a girl named Maya who lives in a quiet medical town in  Vancouver. When a mysterious bad boy named Rafe moves to town and is interested in a special part of Maya: her paw-print birth mark . Most of her books is all about supernaturals with are amazing! I highly 

Amazing, awesome, brilliant etc band PARAMORE!!

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 Recently i have discovered an AMAZING talented band called Paramore! I think they are  spectacular and I'll telll you why.  Firstly so you know more about them, their names are Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis, and Taylor York (they may have a few other members) .
They started their work in 2004 since now. They have had 49 nominations and 21 awards won. Their albums are "All we know is falling", "Brand new eyes", "Riot", "The Final Riot" "Singles club", "Paramore", "live in the UK 2008". I enjoy their songs very much. My favourite song of theirs is hard to say because I haven't listen to all the songs but from the songs i have listened to my favourite is "brick by boring brick" and "that's what you get".  I like these songs is because of the lyrics, there deep and have meaning. It's hard to explain how much these songs really mean to me. If you enjoy great rock songs then I definitely recommend that you listen to their music.  

Super Me

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      Is it a bird a plane no its Super- then you wake up from your childish dreams. When I was little I dreamed of flying around in the sky. I always wanted to be some sort of flying hero. I was so dedicated in trying to be a hero I would watch movies and videos on flying. I would run in my back yard and jump up in hope that I  would soar in the sky on my way to save people. Although I tried with all my might I didn't ever get to fly (sad face). Turns out this thing called "gravity" pulls objects down to the earth, including me. I had always thought that having super powers would make me important and different, but i realized that I didn't need a super ability to be different from everyone. I was already different I was me and that was all I needed.

Video from YouTube

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  Recently I have just watched a movie trailer for a film that's coming out this summer May 30th 2014. The movie is called Maleficent with the star being Angelina Jolie. The movie is based on a classic tale... "Sleeping Beauty"! The trailer was amazing! I cant wait to see the movie I'm so excited! In my opinion Angelina Jolie is the perfect actress to play the famous evil  Maleficent. Anyway for those of you who don't know this AMAZING tale "Sleeping Beauty"  it's about a princess named Aurora who on her 16th birthday pricks her finger on a spindle and because of a curse placed on her when she was born by an evil witch Maleficent she goes into deep sleep to never wake up ever again however she can only wake up by a true loves kiss by a prince. Of coarse a prince the she had met the day before when they 'feel in love' comes along to save her. Through all of Maleficent's traps and even the dragon she turns into he battles the witch with the help of the three good fairies the prince wins and kisses the princess making her awake and the rest of the kingdom awake as well. Yes what a happy ending of coarse when I first watched this I was younger and loved the movie however not as much as 'The Little Mermaid" haha. Anyway the trailer is different the film is more about Maleficent and not about the prince. I think the film makers are going to make her have a soft side. And make her the hero in the end.http://movies.disney.com/maleficent


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  For BYOD the rules you can ONLY use it if the teacher allows it or by a staff member. They may be used out of the classroom as long as they are not a distract from school activities. Student are responsible for their own devices RTMS is not responsible for lost damaged/lost or stolen items. Devices are not used for taking pictures or video unless an approved by a teacher or staff member. Posting images and videos on the internet (social media) without teachers and parents permission is a violates the Code of Conduct.  


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    Im scared of lot of things I cant really pin point which one but I'm really scared of cockroaches.  I'm sorry all cockroach lovers but I think their disgusting! Firstly cockroaches have been everywhere so they have so many germ's, I'm not a germ freak or anything but I make an exception with bugs. The american cockroach is the largest of the cockroaches and they can pick up disease-causeing bacteria on their legs and arms and they can get into food and leave the bacteria causing humans sickness. Ew having bugs in my food that have diseases is not my thing! I don't think anything could get me to touch a cockroach except for a million dollars then maybe. When ever I think of a cockroaches I get this shiver as if somethings crawling on my body, I don't ever want to see a cockroach ever, let alone touch one!


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  Yolo is an often used term but in my opinion, it's not always good advise. I think Yolo is a great term because it's a acronym for 'you only live once'  meaning  we only live once so we so live to the fullest. However some use this acronym to be irresponsible for example not getting a job but instead 'hanging out' with their friends doing childish things. Many abuse the term and change it in their own way to get what they want. Even though some use wield the phrase poorly I however approve this acronym! I think it's a great way to live your life by, but also having balance.

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