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Problems with buying video games

posted Jan 31, 2014, 11:25 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 31, 2014, 11:25 AM by Unknown user ]
little kids  now a days there are 5 and 7 year old playing call of duty and to play the game you have to be 18 and above i no i am thirteen but when i went to the store to get the game's i have a parent coming to get the game with me because if you are just by yourself then they will ask for your id and if you don't they will not let you get the game and i remember when i was going to Walmart to buy my gta 4 which is an 18+ game to All they said was if your parents know if your getting the game so really the danger of this is The little kids seeing things they should not  see and i remember when time i was playing call of duty ghosts this little kid was being racist and swearing and i tried to calm him down and he was screaming and whining so his parent finally came on and they asked what was the problem and there i spoke up and  said that your son was swearing and being racist to this other dude and there parents asked the other dude what did he say and since he was black he said the n word to him and all he did to him was kill him in the game so i really think this game should only be available to kids going to the store and with there parents to get the game