Maximum Ride

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    Maximum Ride is a really interesting series as there are many plot twists. The series starts off with Max and her flock. I say flock because Max and her friends were experimented on when they were babies and they didn't even know whether they were born in a test tube or if they had actual parents. They grew  up at The School, a place where people are experimented. They escaped thanks to a scientist named Jeb Bletcher. They escaped but, they still bear the mark of the School with them. That might be the pain or hatred they feel towards them or maybe it's the wings that they got when they were injected with 2% avian genes.

    The series is about Max and her fight to save the world.

     The first book follows Maximum and her flock consisting of Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman and Angel as they escape the Erasers coming after them to kill them. They were living peacefully, or about as peaceful as a mutant can live, until Angel gets kidnapped by the School and Max has to go save her. When they get her back, you'd think that was it until they discover that Max is supposedly made to save the world. From what? Even the people who told the shocked Max don't know.