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26 Areesha - Just About Everything That Sparks My Interest

Hello, my name is Areesha. My star sign in Leo ♌.
I like to read and I love to do art. I like to do gymnastics, though I'm not that good. My favourite sports are badminton, volleyball and swimming, if that counts as a sport.
There are many more things about me but that's all for now. 
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"There's plenty of sense in nonsense sometimes, if you wish to look for it"

Will Herondale in Clockwork Angel

My Love for Art Explained

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Archaeologist - To be or... No, definitely to be

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    Archaeology is the study of human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis and other physical remains. At least, according to Google. To me archaeology is learning and understanding the past. I believe that you need to understand the past for you to be able to move ahead. You can`t understand the future but, you can understand the past.  I just realized how precious the past is for us and my teacher was Nico Robin from One Piece. She is one of my favourite characters because she is the lone scholar from Ohara and all she wants to accomplish in life is to know the true history. The past is mysterious. You can never know the history fully. It is an adventure and it is going back in time to study the wonder of the world in its true glory. The world back then was a completely different place then it is now. You might think that the world is simpler, easier because of technology but, it is also harder and more complex. This is because even though the world is easier and more in our grasp problems have still occurred. Everything is easier and this has caused greed and selfishness. Back then everyone was peaceful, there was no need to gain and keep more food than you need The more you take the more you put back. I want to be an archaeologist to see how the people back then accomplished these amazing things without the use of many things. They lead an easier life back then and I want to know how. I always was a curious person and the thought of understanding the world around me and letting it go is unimaginable for me. I want to solve the mystery of the world and I want to try to return the world the way it way: simple and beautiful.

Throne of Glass

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"The Crown Prince will provoke her. The Captain of  the Guard will protect. And a princess from a faraway land will befriend her."

This book, I don't even know where to start. Actually, I do. This book was beyond amazing. It was an extraordinarily  good book. As you may have already noticed, or not, I love book set in old times. Mainly Old England. It's my favourite time period. This book, it had everything. From fighting scenes to balls to sarcasm to romance to myths to books and much more; I just don't have enough space.  
Celaena Sardothien, This is the name of the world known assassin.  The best one. Like, Ever. Everyone knows she got captured and put into the world's worst prison, Endovier.  Everyone knows she is as bad as you could get. What no one does know is that she is being offered freedom. If freedom comes with a competition you bet your life in and if you win you do 4 years of service to the king. Yep, definitely freedom. But, Celeana doesn't care. Endovier sent her terrifying close to the edge of sanity.  All she has to do is win a competition against various assassins and sorts. 
The Crown Prince. Dorian. My favourite character. His sarcasm is amazing and his sense of humour never fails to make me laugh.  The Captain of Guard is cool too.  The book always kept me on the edge of my seat. Anyway, this book is a must to read. 

Until my next book review!

Why I Want to Travel The World

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The world is large. It's vast. There are many different things and different cultures. I want to travel because I want to experience different things. I am a very curious person. I can ask a billion question on one topic. There are many things in different places that aren't in a country. There are many different cultures and cultures come languages. With languages come sayings. With sayings comes legends and myths. With legends and myths come an amazing story.  And I want to hear as many stories as I can. I want to go sight-seeing. I like history and I want to visit places with a rich history; a rich story. The world is beautiful. I love scenery. I am an artist and I want to paint nature as I see it; in its true and pure form. I want to capture all different kinds of scenery and I can't do that if I stay in one place can I! I want to have many different experience. I want to know what it's like to swim with dolphins. Or how it feels to skydive. Or how a traditional food tastes like. 

I guess I am an explorer, an archaeologist and an artist. Most of all, I want to be a Traveller!

My Take on Blogs

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Blogs. Blogs. There is so much I could say. Well let's start with what they are. A personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions,links to other sites etc. on a regular basis. There, copied straight from Google. Now that that is out of the way, let's talk about what my blog is about. Everything. My blog covers things from eyes to global warming. Yes, I can have a blog about eyes. I like writing blogs and it is just fun. I'm glad we could choose what topics we want to write about because then I am not bound to anything. Writing one each week is fine by me. Blogs are a way of informing the world that there are many interesting things out there. There are so many things that are fascinating.  Let's stop it at that, or I'll keep spouting philosophical phrases that come deep from my soul. So deep that I don't even know what they mean.


One Piece

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One Piece is... interesting. In fact, I actually really like it. It is different  with the fact that the story is really basic and it is purely entertainment. Other animes get you invested emotionally with the background stories of the people. This show was care-free and fun. There was lots of action and adventure. Even though the moral message is really good, the creator never fails to add humour to it. For example, when the Rocketman was trying to get into Enies Lobby and the train was about to crash and all the members of the Strawhat crew are worrying and Zoro just says to leave it to luck. Though the humour is there, there is a lot of emotional points as well. The stories may not be super deep, but they are still there. Robin and Nami's stories are heart-wrenching. I love how each member sacrifices themselves to save the others. Luffy is a character of many wonders. He is completely stupid and simple-minded. He is also powerful. The way he is so set on one concept is mind boggling. He states the fact the he will save and he cares for you and there is nothing around it. Robin is one of the smartest characters yet she couln'd grasp the concept of friendship and Luffy went out of his way to get it to her. I also love the fact that every member has a goal. Luffy wants to be pirate king , Zoro want to be the greatest swordsman, Sanji want to find All- Blue etc. I love how they don't let anyone move them from that goal and I love how the work towards it. I hope I can have a goal and spend my time hoping to achieve it. Anyway, this anime is one of my all time favourites. I love it and I want to continue watching and being apart of their journey. 

Harry Potter

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 Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling is by far my favourite series ever. The plot twists are absolutely genius. Simple things make such a big effect in the end. The characters have a background that is so complex and interesting.  I love the way the author connects even the simplest of concepts and turns in into something amazing. You have to pay attention to the tinniest details even if you think it is isn't important. This is one book series that you have to read fully. No skimming allowed! The story plot was amazing. The characters were diverse and full of depth. This series never left me feeling empty or disappointed; it always answered my questions. The moral message in the series was also very sweet. No matter how powerful a wizard you are, you aren't fully powerful until you have love. The mothers in the book were so genuine in their love for their children. Lily Potter gave her life for her son, Narcissa Malfoy lied to the the most powerful dark wizard alive to save her son, Molly Weasly fought Bellatrix Lestrange to save her remaining children. It was just beautiful. The book was so descriptive without being repetitive. It really felt like I was there without all of the pain.

The Infernal Devices

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    The Infernal Devices, by Cassandra Clare, is the prequel series to The Mortal Instruments Series written by the same author.  The quote I so proudly posted is from this book series. The series is an amazing one that leaves you wanting to read more. The background stories of everyone are sad and really interesting. My favourite character is William Herondale. His sarcasm is absolutely amazing. He is really funny and the way the author describes him masking his true feelings about his family and his conflicted heart is astounding. Jim`s disease is really heartbreaking because he does not want to leave his friends heartbroken after he was really close with them. Tessa is a sweet girl who has her fragile heart split into two and she does not know who she should give her heart. She did not fully understand the story behind the two main characters and therefore she doesn't know the reasons behind their seemingly cruel actions. This series is a truly touching and wonderful piece of work and hope you get a chance to read it.

Libraries...Obselete? No Way!

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Libraries are definitely not obsolete.  Even though you can read the books online, they don't have the same feel as a real book. Some books are old so they aren't available in book stores. Sometimes the libraries have a variety of books and some of them are expensive to buy. You can share books in a library. The atmosphere   in the library is calm and very peaceful. It is a good place to work with a group on a project. It is a good place to study and to read. I know it may be really obvious but libraries are an amazing place to read. Libraries aren't just for reading, it is a place of understanding and knowledge. You could read a book electronically but, it won't help if you can't concentrate. The library is a place where you can relax or work and it is a place to help you. 

BYOD Rules

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There are some BYOD rules that you should follow. They are:

  • To only use you device when your teacher tells you to
  • To make sure that you use it for things that you are supposed to
  • To use in properly
  • To not make fun of someone who has something that you don't like
  • To not steal another person's device

These are a few of the BYOD rules that should know and follow.

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