The Rescuing Hug.

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    Hello there. (: I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to actually click on this blog and begin reading it. Today, I will talk about an article I found online while I was web surfing. This story is an older one. It takes place in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1995 when two identical twin girls are born.

    A pair of twin girls were born on October 17th, 1995, twelve weeks prior to their due date. Brielle and Kyrie were immediately put into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in separate incubators. If you're wondering, an incubator is, it is: " an enclosed apparatus providing a controlled environment for the care and protection of premature or unusually small babies" according to Google. 

    The girls weighed in at only 2 lbs, but thankfully, Kyrie began gaining weight. As Kyrie was becoming healthier, Brielle was weak and remained the same weight. Brielle was having breathing difficulties and issues with her heart and soon became very unstable. The girls' parents were informed that there was a high possibility that Kyrie would be the only baby that would survive. 

    On November 12th, Brielle went into critical condition. Her skin began turning into a blue-gray colour, her heart beat racing. She was unable to breathe properly and was hiccuping; a worrying sign that she had minimal time left. The doctors tried to do everything they could to stabalize her, but nothing was working.

    A nurse then fought with the doctors, wanting to try an old European method that required the twins to be double bedded. The nurse then put the dying child into the same incubator as Kyrie. Brielle and Kyrie snuggled up against each other, Kyrie putting her left arm around her dying sister as if to hug her. In seconds, Brielle began to regain her health. Her heart beat steadied and her breathing slowed down to a perfect pace, all with one simple touch from her sister. 

    I thought this story was beautiful. It truly presented life's tiny miracles in such a heart warming way. A life was saved and that just proves how the smallest things can change someone's destiny. 

    Brielle and Kyrie are now young women, leading successful lives. Imagine how different things would have been if Brielle hadn't survived. It truly is a worrying thought, isn't it? 

    Thank you again for reading this today. I hope you liked this story as much as I did.

- Reeham.

Brielle is on the left, Kyrie is on the right. :) xo