Kindness Is Power.

posted Nov 13, 2013, 11:08 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 15, 2014, 10:32 PM by Unknown user ]
    Hello! Today's blog post will look back on the recent spirit assembly we had representing the theme of kindness. Many people say, "Kindness changes everything." I believe it does and the assembly we had only strengthened my opinion.

    In today's society, there is a lot expected from us. From having the right type of clothes to the perfect body shape, we are obligated to look perfect. If someone chooses to ignore this factor and become their own person, a lot of people disagree with this and sadly degrade them. This is a form of bullying and is hurtful; the opposite of kindness. 

    Kindness is when a person does not feel neglected due to their surroundings and the behavior of the people around them. The assembly showed how big of a difference this makes on us as human beings. The lovely thing about kindness is that it doesn't have to be the biggest action. It can be as small as offering a warm smile to a complete stranger as you pass them by on the street. 

    Judging from the stories that were shared during the assembly, I was amazed at how big of a difference actions make. I've come to strongly believe that if one person in the world thought before they acted and chose a positive manner everyday, our world would become a wondrous place. Of course, this may seem impossible, but it just hasn't been done yet. We need to start small in our community and build strong, trustworthy relationships. Slowly but surely, our small changes will overtake the globe, making our planet a desirable place to live in.

Thanks for reading!