Terry Fox; Our Canadian Hero.

posted Oct 4, 2013, 10:57 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 13, 2013, 8:37 PM by Unknown user ]
Hi everyone. This is my second blog post and it will be about Terry Fox.

    As we all know, Terry was diagnosed with cancer at a young age and was forced to amputate one of his legs. His struggle made him realize he wanted to do something for everyone who had to face this terrible disease, and he knew he had the potential to do it as well. He decided to run across Canada to support Cancer Research. His run was called the Marathon of Hope. Sadly, about half way through his run, he was forced to stop as his cancer returned. He soon passed away. 

    This year, we had our annual Terry Fox run in memory of this heroic young man. Every student at RTMS ran for someone close to them and to raise awareness for a specific cause. I ran for Talia Joy Castellano, a young 13 year old girl who passed away recently from leukemia; a type of cancer. Although she wasn't very close to me, I'd supported her from a long time and was in awe at how inspiring someone so young could be. My cause was also Cancer Research in memory of all those who've battled this disease and in loving memory of all who couldn't survive. 

    Cancer has snatched away so many innocent lives of average human beings just like you and I. Everyday someone in the world is diagnosed with this terrible illness or somewhere, someone's heart stops beating because they've lost the battle against it. Although it's done many terrible things, I do strongly believe we will find a cure for it in time. I will forever be a supporter of Cancer Research because it will make a change, one life at a time.

Until next time!