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"Don't be the monster you fear you are."

    Hi there! Today's blog post will be about Frozen; a recent Disney movie that was released. 

    I really loved this movie because it was your typical Disney princess movie. It revolved around the concept of love, but wasn't focusing on intimate relationships with your lover. It was about loving your family and that to me was very powerful and inspiring. 

    Princess movies genuinely tend to focus on finding your Prince Charming which is quite unrealistic. They don't expand on the real struggles of life where as Frozen didn't do that. It showed how the main character Princess Elsa was different than everyone else and how she fought her fears in order to come out, strong and beautiful. This is what made me and millions around the world fall in love with the movie.

    I hope you end up watching this film if you haven't already. It is worth it.

Thanks for reading!