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    Hello there! This blog post is about the annual Ruth Thompson Middle School musical. 

    This year's school music is Aladdin as many of you already know, and I am really excited for the big performance! Earlier in the year, hundreds of students had auditions which used were to pick the cast. There were also callbacks for a couple of auditions which determined the lead roles. I must say, it was slightly nerve wracking having to sing in front of teachers and be judged! I'm glad it is over with now. 
    Basically, the musical takes place in the city of Agrabah and talks about a young man named Aladdin. He is homeless, poor, and miserable. It also focuses on the beautiful Princess Jasmine who is being forced into marriage. As the story progresses, Aladdin and Jasmine run into each other and become friends. With terrible obstacles thrown in their way and the help of a magic lamp, they slowly begin falling in love. From the wicked Jafar and his side kick Iago to the Sultan's disapproval, Aladdin and Jasmine are to fight for freedom and being accepted. In the end, they do end up marrying each other, showing everyone that love prevails all.

    All in all, I love Disney movies and Aladdin happens to be one of my favorite. With our hard work and practice, the Aladdin Jr. cast hopes that this musical will be a success!

Thanks for reading!