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18 Myra - ♥ Books and Movies and Actors ♥

Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting my blog page! 
I'm going to be talking about a very serious matter that I want everyone to discuss....ME!
One major thing that you should know about me that I am crazy, loud and FUN! My favorite color is red and turquoise. I love reading books  ESPECIALLY  Harry Potter. You are going to find me talking about the series A LOT! My favorite sport is Badminton and soccer. My favorite subject is Language and Social Studies. I love listening to music, especially bu Armando Christian Perez. I like meeting new people and getting to know others and love hanging out with my friends all the time. I like meeting people who are different,outstanding and inspiring. I love to sing and dance and have fun. Well that's it for now! Hope you enjoy reading my blogs. See you soon! :)


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I thought the unplugging act we did was very inspiring. I loved how even in the hallways, even though not all of them were unplugged, most of the lights were out and it even looked good! It looked cool actually. Its great that everyone had disconnected from all electronics for only 45 minutes. On sunny days I think the whole school should not turn on the lights. It only makes sense! If its sunny outside what better day to conserve energy! 

Winter Olympics 2013!

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I'm actually very excited and looking forward  to the winter olympics! I love all the activities the people do. I still think its kind of unfair how the olympics happen after FOUR years. Its a looonnnggg time to wait. The next time the winter olympics would come on, I would be in the last year of high school! But I honestly think that the real olympics that happened during the summer of 2012 more interesting. Mostly because for winter olympics, there is less variety of activities. I find them fun, intense and awesome! But I am still looking forward to watching all the activities. That's all for now! See ya later! 


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 Yes I do agree that a person does live once and they should live life to the fullest .... but I honestly don't get the idea of yolo. I find it nonsensical and there is no other way of saying it ... stupid. By yolo, people think that its just them in the world and they can go ahead and do whatever they want. Well that's not true. Eventually something has to go wrong, and when it does, your gonna say yolo and move along doing something even more ridiculous. Yes a person should take risks, but sometimes people go a little too far by doing idiotic things that can harm them or others. But never forget ... Momento Mori ... which means remember you will die. Some people by this point might be thinking .... bummer ...... but its true. 

Walking to School? Yay or Nay?

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Over the past 20 years 40% of primary and 20% of secondary age children get rides to school. Recently I have heard multiple conversations about people asking each other, "Should I walk to school or not?". The answer is YES! One should only get a ride if their house is more than 2 miles away.There are financial, health and even social benefits to why a person should walk to school. Financially it is good for you because, if your get a ride every single day, you would be consuming 50% of your money on the petrol. Petrol costs 45$! That's a lot of money. You can save that money for emergencies and walk to school! Bur money isn't everything, your health is even more important. In order to stay healthy a person should work out, but say you don't work out because you think its a waste of time. Then what happens? You should walk to school! Its the perfect exercise, which you do all the time! You can even get some of your friends to walk with you, which makes you not physically, but socially active as well! Everything's better with your friends.In the summer you can roller blade to and from the school. In winter you can have a snow ball fight. You can even make new friends with people who walk with you to your house. The reasons above prove, that walking to school not only is good for your health, but is good for the environment as well as your social life. 

What I am looking forward to this year at school.

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 This year I am looking forward to a lot of things. Some of the things that I plan to do this year is to make good friends with people in my class, meet new teachers, join various outdoor and indoor extra curricular activities and to inspire other people. GET GOOD GRADES is like 50%of what i am looking forward to.This year since we are in grade 8 i am really looking forward to the grade 8 graduation. And above all: I am looking forward to have a great,extraordinary and the most FUN year ever. :)

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