Laws and Theories

Scientific Law and Theory
As explained by Newton and Einstein

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Definition of Scientific Law:
The laws of science or scientific laws are statements that describe, predict, and perhaps explain why, a range of phenomena behave as they appear to in nature.[1]

Definition of Scientific Theory:
scientific theory is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on knowledge that has been repeatedly confirmed through observation andexperimentation.[1][2] Scientists create scientific theories from hypotheses that have been corroborated through the scientific method, then gather evidence to test their accuracy. As with all forms of scientific knowledge, scientific theories are inductive in nature and aim for predictive and explanatory force.[3][4]

Think About:
In your notebook create a venn diagram with Scientific Law on one side and Scientific Theory on the other. List out the similarities and differences that you think from the definitions provided between the two.