Lab Report Writing

1.        Did you list the materials required for the experiment


2.        Did you list any special equipment you need to use during the experiment


3.        Did you list the materials that you will consume during the experiment


4.        Does your procedure track all the steps necessary for your experiment


5.        Is your procedure easy to read and follow


6.        Does your procedure explain elements of timing needed for your experiment


7.        Does your test relate back to your hypothesis that you intend to prove


8.        Are all your steps numbered


9.        Is each instruction in its own separate step


10.     Did you reference any safety procedures necessary for your experiment in the first step


11.     Does your last step explain what to do to clean up after the experiment


12.     Does your procedure tell you when you need to observe at a specific time


13.     Does your procedure tell you what to measure during the observation


14.     Does your procedure give you a chart of how to record the observations


15.     Does your procedure explain anything to look out for to happen to check that the experiment is working


16.     Does your experiment explain what you need to do when you need to draw a diagram for the observation


17.     Do you have a second plant to compare the results


18.     Are you controlling the amount of liquid and food each plant gets


19.     Did you ensure that all other possible environments kept the same for your experiment


20.     Is there any other way to explain your results other than the variables that you are testing in your experiment


Add up all the check marks and multiply your answer by 5 to get your score out of 100

/ 100

0 – 50 Experiment is too biased

51 – 60 Experiment has major flaws

61 – 70 Experiment has some flaws

71 – 80 Experiment has some minor flaws

81 – 90 Experiment minimizes errors

91 – 100 Experiment is unbiased

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