Interview with a Scientist

Success Criteria - Class 81
Explain in detail
Seem realistic (intro music, sound effects)
Use science language
Have fun with the interview
Make it appealing
Use other people in your script
Questions should be interesting
Open ended question
Get indepth make it complex
Give the person a scenario or problem for them to demonstrate their ideas
Success Criteria - Class 83
Don’t mumble (Voice is clear)
Questions on topic
Be specific
Make sure answers are accurate
Questions should not be basic (need to be complex)
Ask them probing questions
Good concluding sentence (Intro and conclusion to the program)
Success Criteria - Class 84
Pick a creative job
Has to have great questions
Not something obvious
Start with a why or how
In depth
Makes you think about the question
Open ended
Try and break down the job that you are interviewing
Relate it back to science
Talking about specific concepts
How they use the concepts
Intro music
Talk with expression
Use descriptive language
Success Criteria - Class 86
Choosing a specific career
Interview is interesting
Interesting (engaging) questions
Sound excited
Creative format (intro music)
Advanced Vocabulary
Crucial thinking (complex question)
Keeping audience entertained
Providing interesting facts
Science is a part of the interview
The interviewee brings or describes something that shows a scientific principle
Success Criteria - Class 89
Enthusiastic during the interview
Use of scientific vocabulary
Good Questions
Shouldn’t be basic, should be specific
Shouldn’t be a yes or no question
Maybe use the 5 Ws
Put your mind into it, makes the responder think
Stay focused with the interview (no random questions)
Hearing the person speak (clarity)
Choose a different type of career (creative choice)
Make sure it relates to science
Explain what they do and talk about the scientific principle