Class 89

1) Sehar - Animal Leg prosthetics
2) Camille, Renee, Menal - Slippers with lights to see where you are going
3) Olivia, Jumana, Raazia - Eliminating second hand smoke from clothing
4) Nira, Ashwariya, Ali S - Cane with sensor to detect dangerous areas of the house
5) Ali A, Kelan, David - Taking Salt out of Saltwater
6) Aamina, Abi - Gripping tool for small hands
7) Asfandyaar, Saad, Shlok - Portable Water Purifier
8) Nizar, Salman - Heating up water using hand energy
9) Mike - Water purifier
10) Zeerak, Humza - Modified Boot for Winter use 
11) Abeera - How to get acidic fluids out of soil
12) Tabassum, Nisa - Gum that is made healthy with vegetables and fruit