Class 86

1) Balaaj, Barjinder, Ali - Solar Shoes

2) Jesse - Edible insect recipes

3) Ramneek, Sajjad - Developing engines to decrease toxic gas release

4) Athithan - Portable water purifier

5) Carol, Ayah, Noor - Study about biogas for fuel
6) Areesha, Reeham - Growing food/crops using recycled waste (plastics, tin cans, etc) 

7) Myra, Marwa - Creating reusable paper with removable inks

9) Capri, Hibah - How to balance the effects of digital devices before going to sleep

10) Josh C, Shaan, Saif - A shoe that reduces joint stress

11) Dana, Douaa - Alternatives to water for the process of clothing production

12) Laibah - Pain Relief For Arthritis 

13) Naomi, Rida - Ways to grow plants using less water to get the same results

14) Denzel, Joshua A - Gloves usable with touchpads