Class 84

1) Chris, Omar - Making a cast which allows light and air in

2) Kairan, Noah, Nirvana - Pop Up Shelter for Desert Environments 

3) Ali, Zaheer - Remote light switch for the elderly

4) Steven, Helena, Andrea - Bug Repellent for pets (dogs and cats)

5) Newethaa, Jahryanne - Air filter for people with breathing problems

6) Manaal, Tamima - Does music affect the growth of plants?

7) Zaid, Mustafa, Deven - Building an Artificial Lung

8) Esha, Nagham, Sarah - Dog paw cleaner for salt in the winter

9) Avantika, Mridvika, Cindy - Echo location for blind people

10) Maheen, Myris - Different way to generate light

11) Zubair, Joshua - A cat toy to lure out shy cats