Class 83

1) Hiba, Jonquil, Sumayya - Melting Ice without using salt

2) Prisha, Brenda, Nerisha - Creating a computer program to help diagnose simple medical issues

3) Shreya, Carolina- Producing electricity using simple everyday materials

4) Saket, Labeeb, Abraham - Sport shoe enhancement that decreases rate of ankle injuries

5) Tamas, Brandon N, Kush - Shock/Shatter proof reusable water bottle

6) Cassie, Jaycelyn, Amrita - Glass which blocks sun without glare

7) Alyaan, Brandon - Which is better to grow plants with coke or water?

8) Hassan - Techniques to improve your basketball skills

9) Leenesh, Phillip, Ibad - Rubber made from fruit peelings

10) Ann, Sanaa

11) Fatima, Dahlia - Odour filter for changerooms

12) Phillip, Ibad - A way to reuse paper