Grade 8 Math

In this page you can find all the powerpoint slides for all the in class activities. Students are encouraged to review their notes on a daily basis and review homework before any quiz and test. Students please check this page for any important announcements!

What is BYOD:

In the PDSB, we practice a policy called Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). This is a policy which allows students to bring digital devices to school for the purposes of enhancing their learning. While inside the classroom, students are subject to the rules of the classroom when using their digital devices. At teacher directed times, students may use their devices as tools for learning. Students will be responsible for their digital devices and the school will not be responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged devices. While students are invited to use their own digital devices, classrooms will provide digital learning devices should students need them.

What is a Flipped Classroom?

This class will be using a technique called a flipped classroom where traditional “homework” and classroom “instruction” are switched in their roles. Students will be responsible for reading through classroom material online through the in class website as “homework” and while in class they will practice those concepts through activities, problems, textbook questions. Therefore students are responsible for reading the material and bringing any questions that they have to class as their “homework”. If students require an alternate way to access the learning material at home, they are advised to inform the instructor. 

Important Announcements

Math Overview

Grade 8 Mathematics - An Overview for Students.doc

How to use a formula triangle ( please ignore the spelling mistakes in the video)

How to rearrange an equation to solve

Units of Study:
Term 1

Term 2


Rates Ratios Proportions.ppt

                                  another scale drawing example video
                                   How to find the scale factor
       Number Sense -    Simple interest 

3    Geometry Pythagorean Theorem


4    Measurement Cylinders