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Welcome to Mrs. Jafri's Classroom Website. Here you will find important information about the Grade 8 Science and Math courses that will be taught. Important links and powerpoint slides can be found on the subpages of each course website. Students are encouraged to check for updated homework and important dates to look out for. If parents have any questions or concerns please email me at javeria.jafri@peelsb.com.

Class Spinner of Class 86

Class Schedule 2018-2019

 TitlesDay 1 Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8Day 9Day 10
Period #1 
 Period #2

 Period #4
 Period #5
Period #6
Period #7 

Leadership Roles of Class 86 (Term 1)

Board of Trustees: Sanika, Navdeep (substitute Agha)
Ambassadors: Mera, Lareen
Ruth's Restaurant: Sabrina, Jenani, Raina
D.P.A Leaders: Jack, Navdeep ( sub- Agha)
Agenda Checkers: Agha, Thusi
Athletic Council:
Riptide TV and Radio 5605: Abdullah / Elakshi, Sabrina (5605)
Tech Team: Thusi, Sabrina
Hallway Monitor: Abdullah K
Library Leaders: Sabrina, Jenani
Office Helpers: Kudrat
Homework Checkers:Lareen Tiara
Clipboard: Sarah, Shaan
Attendance Monitor: Zara( morning) , Omar ( afternoon) Gahaya
Homework Updater: Sanika, Raina, 
Announcement Reader: Jack and Navdeep ( one week each)
Recycling Team: Yusuf, Abdullah A
Chromebook Helpers: 7- Abdullah A, Abdullah K, Yusuf, Mera, Lareen, Amrit

Leadership Roles of Class 86 (Term 2)

                                                               New names for term 2 are in BLUE
Board of Trustees: Sanika, Navdeep (substitute- Agha)
Ambassadors: Mera, Lareen  
Ruth's Restaurant:? Sabrina, Jenani, Raina
DPA Leaders 
Agenda Checkers: Agha, Thusi
Athletic Council:
Recycling Monitors: Yusuf, Abdullah A
Riptide TV and Radio 5605: Abdullah / Elakshi, Sabrina (5605)
Tech Team: Thusi, Sabrina
Hallway Monitor:
Library Leader:Sabrina, Jenani
Office Helpers:---  Zara , Kudrat
Homework Checkers: Tiara
Clipboard: Sanika
Attendance Monitor: Gahaya (morning) Navdeep (sub - Jenani)
Homework Updater : Shaan, Raina
Announcement Reader

Student of the month

September: Responsibility - Shaan, Sarah
October: Optimism -
November: Integrity - Gahaya
December:  Caring - Omar, Daanish
January( perseverance)  : Lareen
February - ( inclusivity) : 
March  - - Cooperation : 
April -  Empathy - 
May -  TEamwork -