Walk The Dog

posted Jan 4, 2014, 3:35 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 9, 2014, 6:15 AM by Unknown user ]
       Has your pooch wait in its cage for ages because you were out? Naturally it probably had to go pee or poo, a while ago, but I can't because it's looked up. Unlike dogs,we humans can go to the washroom pretty much whenever,wherever we want.  This is one of the reasons why you should walk your dog.  Another reason is dogs really need to go outside, not just to do the business, but to get exercise and stay fit.  Going out for a walk is very important because a healthy dog is a happy dog. If we love our precious dogs, our dogs will love us forever.   People needed more things than dogs to live happily, like school supplies, birthday party, cakes, etc… The deeper idea is to take care of our loved ones the matter what. By doing this, you learn your responsibilities and show great love. For example, parents love and show this by taking care of us. Love is not only what you say and feel, its also what you do to show it. In conclusion walk the dog and learn how to be responsible and show love the proper way!!!!!