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    March 26,2014, this was the day that Andrea Chakma and I went to PTSC. The day begin with a loud and boring bus ride, RTMS has to share the bus with David Leeder because RTMS only had a small amount people. The school that held the challenge was MSMS or Morning Star Middle School. There are many different types of challenges, such as video editing, Andrea and I did Health and Safety. We were given the whole day to do our research on the BP Oil Spill and we could have a lunch break whenever we want. At around 2:15 pm, we had to present our research in a form of a newscast and the judges had to judge it. After that, we went to the gym for the award ceremony, unfortunately, RTMS didn't win any medals, but we all learned a lot or knowledge about the oil spill and water contamination. Overall, it was great and FUN!